Limited Editions Explained

In the age of digital cameras and digital printing methods it is technically possible to make an unlimited number of copies from a photograph or a scan of an original painting.

Q: So what does “Limited Edition” mean and why is it still a thing?

A: To us, it’s a question of value and vibe. The less of a thing there is, the more valuable it is. Plus, some people want to own art that is not mass-produced, that is more personal and more precious. It has different energy for them. For us, taking a piece of out out of circulation, increases its value.

Q: So what is a Limited Edition?

A: A Limited Edition refers to the number of prints that will ever be available of a given image, at a specific size on a specific medium. So, for example, “Image A” could be listed in a limited edition of 50 at 18” x 12” on paper; edition of 25 at 18” x 12” on aluminum; edition of 10 at 30” x 20” on paper; and an edition of 5 at 30” x 20” on aluminum.

Q: You shoot with a digital camera that creates a digital image that is printed on digital printers. Can’t you make unlimited number of copies.

A: Yes. But when a print is sold as a Limited Edition, it is illegal to create additional copies once the edition is sold out. There are laws in virtually all states that govern the “provenance” that is the record-keeping to insure the accuracy of all Limited Edition prints.

Q: Who keeps track of the edition counts?

A: The Artist. Additionally, each print sold in a Limited Edition is marked in some way showing both its edition number and the number of copies available in that edition. For my prints on aluminum panels, I either affix a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to the back of the panel, or postal mail a COA to the Collector when they purchase from my online shop.

Q: Why are some of your sizes Limited Editions and some Open Editions?

A: Each Artist can decide on the number, sizes, and mediums on which to present their Limited Edition work. I have decided that images for which I have designated as Limited Editions, sizes larger than 18” x 12” will be Limited in the number of copies created and sold. Images smaller than 18” x 12” will be Open Editions and an unlimited number of copies can be created and sold, each copy being at a much lower price than if they were limited in the number of copies available.