Keiki Pua (Children Flowers) Series

Keiki Pua #1 by Shane Robinson, Maui artist

Explore the connection between our islands keiki (children) and pua (flowers) from their home gardens in this lovely energetic series.
Shane Robinson was invited to teach a Maui first grade class about photography; the day resulted in beautiful contemporary art. Each child was asked to bring a flower from home to school which they then arranged on the playground equipment. The results express a co-mingling of the children's vibrant energy with the "naka" or inner animate state of the flowers.

Each image represents a single moment in time that cannot be duplicated, revealing the hidden essence of the subject matter. The results are images of stunning and breathless beauty - authentic expression of Hawaiiana yet luxuriously modern, contemporary, vibrant and appealing.

Learn more about how this series was created here.

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