Hana Series

The road trip to heavenly Hana graces us with luxurious, silky colors from the lush tropical rainforests of Maui.

Bring Maui into your home or office with a piece of fine art capturing the beauty and 'mana' or energy found in throughout your journey past taro patches, magnificent seascapes, waterfall pools, botanical gardens, verdant rainforest, and concluding at one of Hawaii's most beautiful tropical places; Hana.

The road trip to heavenly Hana blesses us with luxurious scenery and visual harmonies. The rich colors and the silken patterns are like grace to the eyes as words give way to silence.

Each image represents a single moment in time that cannot be duplicated, revealing the hidden essence of the subject matter.

The results are images of stunning and breathless beauty - authentic expression of Hawaiiana yet luxuriously modern, contemporary, vibrant and appealing.


Custom sizes are available! Email us with your request.