Andaz Series 1

Fine art installation in the Andaz Maui Executive OfficesShane Robinson was commissioned to create a series of original art for the Executive Offices inside the Andaz Maui at Wailea. Upon receiving the artwork; General Manager, Michael Stephens approached Shane to develop a gallery presenting the resort’s unique aesthetic through the lens of his abstract fine art photography.

Shane moves his camera like a paint brush to capture a unique image that cannot be replicated. Each image is created ‘in camera’ as a single photograph; there is no computer editing other than cropping or rotation. The familiar Hawaiian Ti plant, for example, takes on an entirely new energy when shot through Shane’s lens. Each photograph offers an abstract, ethereal interpretation of iconic Hawaiiana. This creates vibrant, abstract, and unique works of art that are of Hawaiʻi, yet with a sophisticated, modern appeal.

UPDATE: I closed the gallery at the Andaz Maui at Wailea resort in May, 2015, and have a post on my blog regarding the closure. 

The Shane Robinson Fine Art Gallery at the Andaz Maui showcased photographs taken on the grounds of the resort – they radiate the energy or mana cultivated there for centuries.

There are several Collections within the Series, based on where the photographs were taken. Here are shortcuts to each.

Fire Pit in Lehua Lounge

Kaʻana Kitchen


Plumeria in the Arrival Area




Ti - the red-leaved plants in the arrival area

There are 60 images in the Andaz Series 1, with a full range of color: pinks and purples in the Ti series; greens and lavender in the Plumeria Series; gold, caramel and browns in the Stair and Kaʻana Series; and blues and greens in the Pool and Palm Series.

Download the Andaz Art: Series 1 Portfolio (PDF)

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